Research from the Toddler Sense Seminars 2009

The Annual Toddler Sense Seminars were held throughout the country in October and November 2009.
In Association with TOPTOTS and our wonderful sponsors;


Abbott Nutrition
Add Vance
Your Baby Magazine
Baba en Kleuter
Toddlers Workshop


As well as our community outreach projects and the African Childrens Feeding Scheme, we were thrilled to be able to reach over 1200 parents of toddlers countrywide, of which

  • 92 came from the Cape Town North Area
  • 151 attended in Cape Town Southern Suburbs
  • 250 braved a very hot Johannesburg North and hard seats
  • 112 got caught in a huge Gauteng storm in the Johannesburg South Area
  • 180 came from far and wide to friendly Port Elizabeth
  • 94 attended  on a cold and misty day in Hilton, Natal Midlands
  • 194 came to a windy Durban Central area
  • 90 wonderful parents came to Middleburg and still managed to shop at the venue
  • 101 enthusiastic moms and dads attended a full morning in White River, despite no air-conditioning on a hot day


Every participant received a toddlers swimming bag filled to the brim with wonderful goodies.
There were loads of lucky draws, and in White River every person received a prize!


92 % of the attendees were moms, aged 26 – 35 years and earning a good income
77 % of your babies and toddlers attend some sort of stimulation class per week
Most delegates heard about the seminar by word of mouth from friends and family
14 % saw it on the internet
20 % read about it in a parenting magazine
68.5 % of attendees consult a paediatrician when they think their child is not thriving
3.5 % of you would think about consulting a dietician about your toddlers diet
62 % of delegates have had their child on a vitamin supplement for more than a year
73 % of moms and dads attending value the importance of iron as a supplement, whilst 79 % value the importance of Omegas
So, all in all, you are a savvy and organized bunch!


Full marks to ALL of you for taking the time to educate and enlighten yourself with information that is relevant to your growing toddler.  Thank you to all the hard-working members of TOPTOTS, Toddlers Workshop and Uplands Prep who made the events so memorable.


Toddler Sense Seminars 2010 promise to be jam-packed with sense-able information and plenty of wisdom.
Looking forward to seeing you there!


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2009 Toptots Toddlersense Seminars JHB Seminar Prizes