Baby Sense, the book

Baby sense book

Megan Faure & Ann Richardson; Metz Press 2002,  is firmly placed as a South African best selling baby care book. In this unique book based on sensory principles, baby-care consultants Ann Richardson (a specialist nurse) and Megan Faure (an occupational therapist) pool their wealth of hands-on experience and professional knowledge to help you tune in to your baby and understand what he means by the signals he gives, and how to respond to these signals by regulating his sensory environment and stimulation.

The book explains all the facets of your baby’s sensory world to help you ease his transition from the womb to the world. It is also filled with simple, sensible and practical guidelines and advice on feeding and sleeping issues, establishing flexible and age-appropriate routines, and detailed suggestions for appropriate stimulation to enhance development. The book is available in Afrikaans (Koester jou baba), Portugese, and has also been published in the USA.


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Sleep Sense, the book

Sleep sense book

Sleep Sense:  Megan Faure & Ann Richardson:  Metz Press 2007; is written by the acclaimed authors of Baby Sense (Metz Press 2002) & Toddler Sense (Metz Press 2005). Sleep Sense offers the same, simple and sensible solutions to ensure you and your baby get a good nights sleep.  By establishing healthy sleep habits from the word go, as well as modifying any unhealthy sleep habits, parents of children from newborns to pre-schoolers will find a solution to any sleep problems their children may be experiencing.


Sleep Sense also offers age-related trouble shooting sections where desperate parents can find quick fixes.  The sleep sense approach to sleep coaching is gentle and based on the age-appropriate natural capacity children have for self calming or soothing, and for separation from their parents. The book is also available in Afrikaans (Slaap Kindjie slaap).


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